The Genuine Sri Lankan s which is an innovative tour company in Sri Lanka operating under the Management of Genuine Lanka Holiday and Tours Pvt Limited which is a Company duly incorporated in the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka under the company Act No. 7 of 2017, under registration number “PV 94160” and having the registered office at 165-F, Kekulanhoda, Gampaha in the said republic.

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We offer unique mix of tour packages under the reasonable rates in Sri Lanka.
Genuine Sri Lankans travel guide has an extensive collection of Sri Lankan tourism and travel site. Offering everything you need to help plan. And book your Sri Lanka vacation. From the Destinations, accommodation, attractions, tour operators & transport, travel agents to regional visitor information, maps, & more. If you prefer some helping planning and booking your Sri Lanka holiday, we are the expert vacation planners too. Sri Lanka tour operators offering some fixed tour plans and customized itinerary planning. Travel reservations and tours. Check out the Genuine Sri Lankans Tours services currently on offer from quality accommodation and transport providers. To find Sri Lankan s tourist information. Also Places to stay and things to do, use our popular tourist places on the right-hand side of your screen or click the location in the main menu.

Also Genuine Sri Lankans Tours management team, having more than 35 years of experience. Of course the most updating Sri Lankan tourism industry too. This is started by the influence of one of the veterans and the best tour guide in Sri Lanka Mr. Priyantha Rathnayake.

Our Motto

Genuine Sri Lankan s has a reputation for the highest levels of quality and guests Satisfaction in TripAdvisor. Our motto is “Come as a Guest, Go as a friend “.